How to Craft Your About Page to Increase Conversions

Adding an About Us page to your website can increase your conversions by giving a personal touch to your company information. After all, as a contractor, you’ll be working with people over long periods of time – if you’re a remodeling business, for example, you may be in a person’s house for weeks or months. People want to know the faces of the workers they’ll be allowing into their space; adding an About Us page will give you an air of credibility.

People are more likely to hire someone when they know they’re passionate about their work. Including your personal information, as well as your years of experience, can make you look even more like an expert in your field. If you’ve got a big personality or find yourself able to connect successfully with people face-to-face, you might even consider an introductory video!

As a residential or commercial contractor, your customers are looking for information about your experience, your credentials, and your ballpark pricing. However, they’re likely also going to look for evidence that you’re a pleasant contractor to work with. As a contractor, you want to also be personable – showing your own personality and background information will help people choose you, because you’re not hiding behind a company name or refusing to give your personal information online.

For a general About Us structure, we suggest:

  • An introductory video – if you believe you can come across in a video as open, pleasant, and personable, make an introductory video to embed on your About Us page. Talk briefly about your company and your experience, or show off some pictures of your work.
  • Company history – this section is especially important if your company is a family-owned business or has been around for several years. Including a history of your company lends credibility to your business and shows that you’re not just a fly-by-night business that came out of nowhere and is likely to disappear quickly.
  • Staff listing – including pictures of your staff, along with a brief bio, puts faces to the names of the people your potential customers might speak to on the phone or exchange emails with. Adding this personal touch can help put potential clients at ease, as well as make them more likely to contact you.

You may also want to consider these questions when writing your About Us copy; these are the things most customers are likely looking for when they visit an About Us page.

  1. Company information – How big is your company? How old is it? Is it family- or locally-owned, or is it a privately owned business? Where is it located?
    A subset of this question may include something like a mission or values statement. Letting potential clients know your values and what you think makes your business stand out can help separate you from your potential competition.
  2. Why? – Why should customers choose you? While you should be covering this on your internal product or service pages in great detail, highlighting a few of the key reasons on your About Us page wouldn’t go amiss. For example, if you offer any FREE estimates or consultations, have any discounts (like military or senior) or have any coupons, mentioning them on this page may be a good idea.
  3. Is this new information? – If you’ve included some generic About Us information on your home page, you might want to rephrase it or go into more detail on your actual About Us page. After all, customers can have a short attention span; repeating information will cause them to leave your page, not stay and see what you have to offer.
  4. Is it factual? – We know you love your company! But we encourage you to stay away from hyperbolic statements. If you’ve won awards, absolutely discuss those! But don’t spend five paragraphs describing how you are for sure hands down the absolutely super best landscaper in your area. If you’re too boastful, you might put customers off – no one wants to work with someone who’s full of themselves.

All in all, an About Us page can be an effective marketing tool and can help you increase your site conversion rate without a ton of effort on your part. As long as you remember to consider your audience, be honest and open about your qualifications and your abilities, and keep a personable, pleasant, and professional tone, an About Us page will help potential customers feel more connected to you. And that initial connection can be the difference between a conversion and a potential customer bypassing you to go to your competitor.

If you’re interested in more information regarding customer conversion, you can check out our blog on proven construction marketing ideas or our 10 steps to more website leads. Still confused? Contact us for more information – we’ll provide you with a high-quality, comprehensive analysis of your online marketing, and let you know what we can do to help you improve your conversion rates and quit losing business to your competitors (qualified contractors only).

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  1. Great info as always!
    It is very important to have an about page so people can get to know who you are and who they are going to be working with.

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