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This is where we’ll dive deep to really get to know your business, so we can execute the rest of the process flawlessly.


You’ll fill out a startup form that helps us understand you, your business, your goals and vision, who you serve and exactly what you need in order to effectively accomplish your goals.

This form will ask essential information about your business, which allows us to portray your website in the most successful way possible.

Our clients always tell us how much they’ve valued and enjoyed this part of the website build process.

Startup Call

On this call, your designated Project Manager will dive deeper into your brand, positioning, and overall business. We’ll review exactly what pages need to be on your site, as well as the purpose of each page.

We’ll determine the best way to position your new site so it aligns with your business goals and objectives. We’ll conclude the call reviewing copy structure and the overall design of the website.

Shortly after your startup call, your designated Project Manager will contact you for future steps and guide you every step of the way.

Written Content Development

As part of any design, content is an important aspect especially, when it comes to portraying your business. You’ll have the option to write your own webcopy with our provided guidance, or you can opt for us to write your copy for you. We’ll ensure you have high quality, unique content on your website that is formatted correctly so it’s easy to read. All written copy will be reviewed and revised as needed. In the end, you’ll come away with well-defined content that thoroughly portrays your business.


If you have great photos, we’ll use those. If you need photos, we’ll coordinate with a local photographer to produce photography that represents your brand and the type of work you produce.

We live in a visual world, so having crisp photos that showcase your work and capabilities is critical.


We can coordinate with a video team that’s local to you. Our team will storyboard concepts and we’ll produce amazing brand videos. We always encourage this. There’s nothing that builds a brand better than video.


Using the assets you’ve provided and that we’ve developed, we will design your new site to uniquely showcase your company. We want to make sure you stand head and shoulders above your competition, and not just have a cookie-cutter site that looks like everyone else’s.

Creative Collaboration

Our expert web team will handcraft your homepage and inner pages and we’ll present them to you for review. We will then create revisions based on your feedback (one round of design revision included). We’ll finalize the design when we’re both happy with the result.


The hallmark of a well-developed site is when nothing frustrating happens and everything works as it should.

This step is where we ensure

  • Your site is secure.
  • Your site looks good on all devices and browsers.
  • All forms, links and plugins work properly.
  • Ensure your site is setup for SEO success.
  • All videos, images and media are embedded, optimized (for page speed) and loading properly.
  • Information about your site and your site visitors’ behavior are being gathered properly (which you can analyse later and use as basis for important business and marketing decisions.)
  • Easy to manage. Your custom design is built with a user-friendly WordPress theme so you get the best of both worlds: a completely custom design that you can actually maintain and update.
  • And much much more.


How your website is designed could affect your SEO and therefore affect your search rankings. Search engine robots need to be able to easily navigate and index your site appropriately. We perform thorough 24-point checklist to make sure your site has maximum visibility when it’s launched. We want Google to like you 🙂

Quality Control

No matter how good a website looks, if it doesn’t work, it isn’t designed well. Our detailed 48-point checklist addresses your site’s functionality, consistency, usability, spelling errors, bugs and much more to make sure the end product meets our standards. We’ll ensure your new site functions properly and consistently. Your Project Manager and our team of developers will go through your site with a fine-toothed comb and execute our quality control procedures.

Final Testing & Review

After we’ve tested everything to make sure your site is functioning as expected. Our team will conduct one last final test to ensure that your new website is performing exactly according to plan and design.


When it comes to launching your site, we won’t just set it live and call it a day…

We’ll celebrate your launch and share your new design on all of our social media channels as well as feature your site on ours. We’ll also create graphics for your social media channels for you to share with your audience! We encourage you to share it with the world and promote the heck out of it!

Upon the launch of your new site you’ll receive a detailed Site Launch Checklist that covers installing Google Analytics, testing site speed, mobile devices, cross browser testing and much more. Once we hand over the keys to your brand new site, we’ll include a detailed PDF Site Launch Checklist, access to our Video tutorial library (3 months included) and schedule a call to train your team on using the site.

Our Client Experiences


Ready For Your Dynamic Website?


After we launch your site, you might need some help managing and updating it, or marketing your products and services.

Don’t worry - we’ve got your covered!


After your masterpiece is live, you might want ongoing support or some of our dynamic marketing services.

Done With You Support

You can choose to purchase our Done With You Monthly Support Program. This provides you with full access to our team for any support related questions regarding your site. Our support staff will guide your team to modify and update your site. We’ll also update your site periodically for you including all outdated plugins.

Brand Response Marketing

If you really want to keep momentum going with your new site launch, digital advertising is the best way to keep your site buzzing. Our team will implement ongoing advertising campaigns to grow awareness in your area and establish a flow of incoming, warm prospective customers. We’ll help you grow your business in all aspects including, team building, recruiting campaigns, advertising campaigns for more projects and overall brand development.

We understand that ultimately, what you really want as a company, is to:

  • Get more qualified inquiries more consistently
  • Automatically repel tire-kickers
  • Get paid what you’re really worth
  • Get more profitable jobs (how much is one ideal project worth to you?)
  • Differentiate your company from others in your market
  • Attract top quality team members
  • Improve and grow your company
  • Have an impact

Our Dynamic Websites are designed exactly with all those purposes and goals in mind.

Ready For Your Dynamic Website?

Our Dynamic packages start at just $6,000. In the end, you’ll come away with an optimized, high performing website that’s aligned with your business goals.

Your website will be a key asset for your business for years. At such a reasonable price point, it only takes a few projects to make this investment pay for itself. To get started, inquire by tapping the button below



Contractor Dynamics understood our needs and requests, and the new website they built is exactly who we are and represents us perfectly. We recommend Contractor Dynamics to everyone who wants to upgrade from good to the best!

Vladimir Kolarik

Owner, Original Builders LLC, Lilburn, GA

Contractor Dynamics did a great job with our initial website! Walked us through a formal process that resulted in a great starting point that we can continue to build upon. And worked within timeframes and budgets!

Dil Kulathum

Owner, Tiger Contractors LLC, Philadelphia, PA

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do Dynamic Websites cost?

    Our Dynamic Websites start at $6,000. You can request services like extensive copywriting, photo, and video at an additional cost.

  • How long does it take to build my site?

    Typically, one month. We will begin by asking you to send us all of your content, and we will help organize it. Once we have your content, the turnaround time is two weeks to one month. This includes designing and building your website, SEO optimization, building landing pages, and more.

  • How about website hosting and maintenance?

    We will host your site on our server which is secured on WP Engine. If you already have a hosting plan in place, we can use that, as long as it is suitable, secure, and fast.

  • Do you build sites only for construction companies?

    We are 100% focused on the construction industry. In addition to working with construction companies, we also work with manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers to the industry.

  • What support packages do you offer?

    We offer a few other great services! Our monthly Done With You Support package is a great option that provides you and your team with full access to our team for support related questions. We also provide Brand Responsive Marketing packages. With that, our team will implement ongoing advertising campaigns to grow awareness in your area. This will establish a flow of incoming, warm prospective customers right to your inbox.

  • How much work is involved on my end?

    Our process is designed to do most of the heavy lifting for you, so you can remain focused on what you do best – running your business. We will require some information and input from you to get started and will require feedback along the way, but you can rest assured knowing there’s a team of web experts designing and building your site for you.