How to stop relying on guesswork and 

low-quality leads to grow your business

... and have a highly effective automated system for quality lead generation built for you



We've worked hard to grow our businesses. In most cases, we've relied on pure hustle and brute force to get to where we are now. 

We've done more than our fair share of networking events, door-knocking, and free estimates. We never stop hustling to get leads to 

fuel our business.

But we all know the problem with those approaches...

They've got a very hard limit.

At some point, if it hasn't already happened, we burn out. Because we can only rely on pure hustle for so long.

But then we start buying leads and hiring marketing companies.

'Wouldn't it be great if I can just put this lead gen thing on auto-pilot?', we say to ourselves?

Waking up to new leads in your inbox every day would be the ideal solution - maybe even the ideal on which you were sold.

But in reality, it seldom works out that way. More likely, you've had to deal with inhuman amounts of frustration in working with low-quality leads from lead gen companies and SEO agencies that promise the world and fail to deliver - time and time again. 

But what if you could put an end to that frustration, and finally figure out how to get your online marketing to work for you?

What if you had a system in place that automated your lead generation... and grew your revenue, month after month?

Over 100 happy customers, including:

Imagine not having to deal with the financial roller coaster anymore, because you're confident you have a quality backlog of great projects, even while you're busy running jobs.

Imagine what it would be like to have quality leads who want to work with your construction company, coming in consistently, without you needing to be working on your marketing constantly.

Imagine being able to effectively grow your business and be financially stable, with revenue growing every month.

Imagine you could stop relying on "hustle" and instead have predictability and sustainability in your business.

And what if there was a solution for this exact problem, so you can have a fully automated marketing system that actually works?



The solution for contractors who want to scale their business with automated lead generation and stop relying on the "hustle"

DynamicLeads is a complete "Done For You" online lead generation system for contractors. It has been developed to generate qualified leads from prospects who know your company, understand the value you provide, and are ready to do business. 

This is a fixed package where we build out a complete online marketing funnel specifically for your business. With your new funnel in place, you'll no longer have to worry about paying for low-quality leads that don't convert from the lead gen sites, and you'll no longer sit there and wonder why your website doesn't generate any leads while your competitors always seem to get the good jobs.


  • You are an established residential or commercial construction company
  • You have plans to grow, and understand the value of investing in the growth of your business

  • Your company is operationally sound (can actually handle growth)

  • You know how to sell when you get in front of the "right" prospects; you just need to find more of them 

  • You know that if you can get your marketing dialed in, you can grow your company significantly

However, a word of warning...

This solution is NOT for everyone. 

If you do not have an established business and positive web presence, you're likely not ready a marketing system like this. 

This system is designed to turbo-charge a construction business that already has some traction and momentum, not a business that is just getting off the ground.

When you invest in DynamicLeads, you're investing in the next few years of growth in your business.

Here's exactly what will happen if you decide to get involved:

As soon as you request a call, you will get an email from us with a link to schedule a phone call so we can see if this solution is a good fit for you.

If your business is a good fit, we will go over the scope of work of the solution in detail, and send you an invoice for the deposit.

If, for whatever reason, the solution isn't right for you, we will give you our best personal recommendations to improve your marketing and increase your quality lead flow.


This solution is designed for established construction companies who want more traffic, more leads, and better jobs, but who don't have the time to set up an online marketing funnel themselves. 

One of the biggest problems that contractors run into with their online marketing is that they spend money to generate traffic to their websites (SEO, PPC, etc.), but don't have effective content, offers, and conversion mechanisms in place to actually convert visitors into real leads. 

The DynamicLeads marketing funnel solves that problem by creating educational, engaging content, offers, landing pages, retargeting, tracking, and conversion optimization all into one package

The DynamicLeads Marketing System Includes:

Personalized digital marketing plan and competitor analysis - you can't be effective at online marketing if you don't know what your competitors are up to.

Complete setup of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns - we will do thorough keyword research to identify the best and most cost-effective keywords and topics for you to target, we will set up multiple ad campaigns, and set up A/B testing within those campaigns.

Complete Funnel System Setup - We will create a digital guide or lead magnet (eBook) to educate and engage your market, set up high-converting landing pages for all campaigns, and set up email automation to nurture your prospects over time.

Set up Google Display and Facebook Retargeting - So you can serve relevant ads to segments of your website visitors, even if you don't have their contact information. 

Set up Lead Tracking & Reporting - We will set up contact form and phone call tracking so you know exactly which ads and ad campaigns are responsible for which leads. It is impossible to be effective at online advertising without conversion tracking in place.

Graphic Design & Artwork Creation - Our design team will create all of the artwork for this marketing funnel, including eBook covers, Facebook ads, and display ads.

Advanced Training and Video Screencasts to ensure that you maximize the results from your new marketing funnel. A huge piece of continuing your journey in lead generation is being able to continually improve it. Our job is to help you grow your construction business quickly, which is why we give you access to our library of trainings.

60 days of FREE Weekly Group Calls with Our Experts. On these calls, you have the opportunity to get live feedback on any burning questions you have about getting the most from your online marketing.

Note: This package does not include any ongoing management beyond what is stated above, nor does it include any ad spend with Google or Facebook. We can help you with both of those, if you need; just be sure to mention that on our call.

This is a system that will help generate quality leads for your business for the next few years and contribute to hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars in additional revenue for you.

Now, if you’re still reading this, you’re probably wondering how much the investment in DynamicLeads is.

From our experience, you have a few options:

Do nothing. Walk away with the knowledge that there’s a better way, and let your business continue to suffer for lack of leads and stay in the hustle, never getting ahead and always feeling burnt out.

Go hire a marketing agency to build you a funnel. You might get lucky and find an agency that has a deep understanding of the construction industry and your market. You can probably get that done for $15-20K, depending on the agency's learning curve.

Try to figure it out yourself, and spend untold amounts of time making the same mistakes we made when we developed this solution. And took hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to test the things that go into building this marketing funnel.

Or you could get in on DynamicLeads and have your lead generation system up and running in a matter of weeks, for a much lower investment than hiring a fancy web agency.

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