3 Ways to Get Better Roofing Leads

Lead Generation for Roofing Companies

How many roofing leads have called you or your sales team who were just fishing for information?

These calls usually go something like:

Prospect: Hello how much does it cost to replace my roof?

Sales Rep/You: It depends on a variety of factors; we could have a truck to your house to schedule a free estimate. What day and time works best for you?

Prospect: How about Tuesday at 2:30 in the afternoon.

And you know the rest. The estimate is scheduled, a quote is given, and that potential lead calls 5 of your competitors and goes with whoever is going to give them the cheapest deal.

You probably have used Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, or some other lead gen site that uses a “low price leader” bidding system. The roofer that takes the lowest price gets the job, and they do a terrible job. The lead gen services don’t deliver quality leads and jobs to you. As a roofer, there are better ways you can market yourself online and in real life. Here are 3 ways you can get better roofing leads.

Facebook Ads

Everybody and their mother is on Facebook. You’re on Facebook, your daughter is on Facebook, even your dog is on Facebook. The average user spends anywhere from 2-3 hours a day on Facebook.

You know what that means for your roofing business? There’s a ton of potential leads who want you to do their roof for them. Because people are interacting with your brand directly, as opposed to submitting their info to a lead gen site, these leads are more likely to be educated, qualified, and less likely to waste your time scheduling a “free estimate” only to go with one of your competitors.

Most marketing companies will sell you on what’s known as Facebook Boostingrun away from this ASAP. Facebook Boosting is great for branding, but reaching new prospects in your area and converting them into jobs (and dollars) for your roofing business requires a more in-depth, multi-layered process.

When done with the right strategy and execution, we believe there is no better place to put your marketing dollars these days than Facebook.


Google AdWords

Remember when you wanted a new nail gun? Chances are you either went to Home Depot or you Googled “new roofing nail guns” for more information. People who want a roof installed, replaced, or repaired search for “roofing contractors near me” by the hundreds every month. Adwords is a great way to reach people who are active and ready to request an estimate from you, and only you.

Unlike Home Advisor or Angie’s List, they are less likely to be “price fishing” and more likely to reach out to you and you alone, as they are on YOUR website and learning about YOUR company. Adwords can be a little pricier than Facebook, but that’s because you are paying the premium for reaching people who are ready to buy, while Facebook requires finesse and the ability to attract leads and educate them throughout a longer process.

Email Marketing

So you managed to get a prospect’s email? The job is good as yours, if not this month, then a few months down the road. You have direct access to email them offers, coupons, specials, or reach out for a review you can put on your website to boost your credibility.

Someone who is looking for a new roof generally isn’t ready to make a decision right away (it isn’t a $1 candy bar after all). So with email, you have the ability to reach out to people who haven’t worked with you yet but who are still in research and evaluation mode.

You also have the ability to build value by providing information, and building relationships on previous small jobs (i.e. you replaced a few shingles on someone’s roof 3 months ago, they are now ready to get a brand spanking new roof). On top of all of that, it is very little cost to send an email. The combination of email marketing with Facebook campaigns and other forms of marketing is guaranteed to get you better leads and more jobs so you can scale your business.

Get Creative!

One of the fastest and most effective ways to differentiate your company is by personalizing your brand and telling your story. The best way to do this these days is on social media. Don’t be afraid to hit record on that iPhone and post some videos of you, your crews, your projects, and your clients telling everyone how great you are.

Be consistent with posting on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Have some fun with it, get out of your comfort zone, and try new things. Your customers and prospects are walking around with their noses in their phones – make sure they are seeing you.

Want to get better roofing leads in 2018 and beyond?

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