How To Get a Google Star Rating in Search Results

Google Reviews for ContractorsOne of the most frequently asked questions we get from contractors is how they can get those orange stars to show up under their company name in Google search results.

Have you ever done a Google search and noticed that some results have those orange stars next to their name, and some results don’t?

There’s a reason for that. It’s not random.

If your company doesn’t have those stars, the good news is that it’s actually free and easy to get them!

We put together a short video screen cast to show you exactly what you need to do to get those stars and star getting more clicks to your website in no time. Check out the video here.

While something like this may seem insignificant and not worth your time, reviews are an important criteria that people take into account when hiring contractors. In fact, in a Houzz survey from 2015, 81% of homeowners said that reviews are the most important factor they consider when hiring a contractor.

If you have any questions about Google reviews for contractors or getting this to work for you, contact us or let us know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “How To Get a Google Star Rating in Search Results”

  1. Very good explanation, and there was an added side benefit to your explanation. Your example shows the new Google results that exclude advertisements on the right hand side. More competitive for the PPC (Pay Per Click), and better for us when we focus on the SEO Organic Results for our clients, especially when there is less competition for the viewing space. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Brian. Excellent point about the lack of ads on the right side. For local contractors, getting into this local 3 pack or “map pack” is even more important and rewarding.

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