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I was in trouble because I had moved my whole family across the country to start this business. Failure was not an option. I needed to figure out this marketing problem fast.

This was my family’s livelihood.

But I felt like I was on a downward spiral with my marketing and with my business.

Nothing I was trying was working.

My wife was beginning to doubt our decision to move, and even worse, I was even beginning to doubt myself and my ability to keep this business going.

When we had moved here, and I opened up the second location of my construction business, I did what probably every other contractor does… I tried a bunch of marketing.

I did everything I could afford - had an expensive website built, and tried a bunch of marketing channels - social media, online marketing, direct mail, and even local radio ads.

After all - I knew my company and I did great work, but people just didn’t know about us yet.

However, despite spending money on all of this fancy marketing, the phone still wasn’t ringing. 

I was so frustrated that I wanted to give it all up and just start knocking on doors.

But all of the marketing articles I was reading told me I needed to do more. MORE blogging, MORE SEO, MORE postcard mailers.

I did all that. Yet the leads still weren’t coming in.

Then I met Joe Hughes of Contractor Dynamics at a local contractor event.

At first, I was skeptical and the last thing I wanted to hear was another marketing pitch.

If you’ve been in business more than a year or two, you’ve probably figured out, as I had, that most online marketing just doesn’t work.

Chances are, you’ve probably been burned by a marketing company (or several) who promised you the world, but never delivered.

But Joe and I got talking about my business and all the marketing I was doing, and the things he was saying really made a lot of sense to me.

I started to get the feeling that he knew what he was talking about and that he understood my business.

Fast forward a couple weeks and I committed to working with Contractor Dynamics, as a last ditch effort to save my marketing, save my business, and prove to myself, to my employees, and to my family that I could make this work.

The guys at Contractor Dynamics showed me how my lack of marketing strategy and lack of focus had resulted in a lack of results.

Before, I was trying all these different advertising channels - but there was no real game plan. It was a classic spray-and-pray thing. Spray my marketing out there and pray that the leads came in.

Contractor Dynamics immediately built a new website for my company. But it wasn’t just one of those online brochure websites. We wanted our website to be our sales person - to answer questions that visitors had, build trust and authority, and encourage them to contact us for an estimate.

They also built online marketing campaigns to generate hits from people who were interested and looking for a contractor just like us.

The best part is that they did all of this without costing me more than I was already spending on marketing.

About 6 months into it, I had to tell Contractor Dynamics to slow down. We were flooded with leads and my sales team couldn’t keep up with doing the estimates and processing the paperwork.

In under a year, we went from a company who didn’t know how to generate leads, to the point where we had more business that we could actually handle.

Within 2 years of opening this new location, we were doing over $5 Million in annual revenue.

To this day, we still get a couple hundred hits a day to our website and several quality leads coming in every week.

In fact, things went so well that we recently opened up a new location in another state, and one of the first calls I made was to Contractor Dynamics.

I no longer view marketing as a four-letter word. I know that, as long as you approach things with a strategy and with the right company that understands your business, it really does work.

It’s still not easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight. But it does work if you invest the time and energy in it.

I feel lucky that I no longer have to worry about paying the bills or letting my family down if my business doesn’t succeed. Getting my marketing right has been life changing.

Nick Forsell


Atlas Restoration

Dallas, TX

Jeff Mease

Owner of Blue Water Pools & Spas, Jacksonville, FL

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Working with Contractor Dynamics to transition and update my website was an absolute delight! Seeing how organized and on top of the game they are gave me confidence that I could focus on my business, knowing that they were taking care of the details and then some.

Working with Contractor Dynamics has been a great experience. Joe, the owner, has been very informative and gave me a great education on SEO and how to improve the ranking for my company website. Communication was excellent. They did what they said they would do on schedule and most important, I’m happy with the results. I will continue using their services and would recommend them to anybody thinking of doing themselves.

John Clark

Owner of @designREMODEL, Cape Cod, MA

We started using Contractor Dynamics a few months ago and are so pleased with the results! Our SEO and marketing results have exceeded our expectations. We now know that we are in good hands and look forward to expanding our relationship with Contractor Dynamics. I would highly recommend them for anyone who is serious about their business.

Ralph Favilla

Owner of National Home Improvements, Kenilworth, NJ

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