The Contractor’s Guide to Trade Show & Home Show Follow Up

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve just gone to a trade show or home show – usually spending quite a bit of money in the process – and got quite a few good leads, but don’t have a solid plan for how to follow up with your potential customers. You’ve started building the foundations of a relationship with your client, and now you’re ready to settle in for the long haul and hopefully turn that lead into a customer.

Most contractors don’t have a solid follow-up strategy, which means that by developing your own you’ll be ahead of your competition. By following our tips and reading our comprehensive guide, you’ll maximize your customer base and lead conversion rate.

Here’s a few helpful steps to follow:

Have an objective

In addition to making a connection with potential customers, why are you coming to a trade show? Are you here to check out your competitors? See the latest industry updates? Trade shows can be helpful for you, both in getting information and gaining clients.

Bring business cards

It seems like a no-brainer, but people still forget. While you’re getting the information of potential leads, you want to give them your information as well. It’s professional, and allows your future customer to check out your website, social media, or give you a call at their leisure.

Create an action plan

This is important! Once the show is over, you should sit down and lay out how and when you’ll follow up with the leads you received. This is where taking notes during the show is important – remembering what services people are interested in, or knowing what their timeline is (if they mentioned it to you), will make any after-show communication that more personal and impressive.

Educate, don’t oversell

Seems like a strange tip, right? But by educating your prospects, you establish yourself as an industry leader. Which means that, when the client is actually deciding on a home remodeling or contracting job, they are more likely to remember you as an expert or professional and trust you to handle their job.

Make an offer

During your after-show communications, always make an offer alongside your education and communication. Even if it’s something as basic as “if you’re interested in starting your bathroom renovation, contact us for a consultation,” give them a call to action that they can respond to. You’re more likely to generate follow-up that way!

If you want more comprehensive information, you can check out our Complete Trade Show & Home Show Follow-Up Guide. It goes more in-depth regarding how to lay out your planning, what types of notes and information to take down both at the show and during the communication process, and even provides you with several spreadsheets to help you keep all your information organized.

Look at the big picture

Remember – it’s important to look at the big picture when you attend trade shows and commit to follow-up strategy with clients. You may not get 100 clients right away, but keeping to your plan and following it every time you attend a show will slowly but surely build your base and your reputation. Your lead might not be in the market, but might know someone who is. Your initial plan of communication might not be as effective as you’d like – test a new one! With some dedication and commitment, you can customize your follow-up plan to your business’s needs, and see a great return on your trade and home show investment.

Get the Trade Show & Home Show Follow-Up Guide here and feel free to share it if you know someone who would find it useful. Feel free to contact us or ask in the comments for more trade show tactics.

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