The Power of Customer Reviews for Local Contractors

I remember back when I was a kid, my dad used to hire contractors to fix stuff that even he couldn’t get done. The interesting part though is how he chose the right company for the job. He relied exclusively on word of mouth and at the end of the day, he knew that he’d get good quality from them.

Sure, reviews, testimonials, and client references have always been important. They help to build that know, like, and trust that are so important in business.

But the biggest change in recent years is that prospective clients are researching your company and reading reviews long before they even think of contacting you. In the days before the Internet, a prospective client would meet with you and then you would give them a list of references. By that time, they were already in your sales cycle and you had a chance to build a relationship with them.

Reviews have become critical to the success of a business. Whether we’re shopping online for a dentist or a local contractor, people have become smarter when it comes to choosing the right company for the job.

In a recent Houzz survey, 83% of homeowners said that reviews and recommendations are the most important criteria when evaluating home improvement contractors.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews can be a significant factor in your ability to rank your website in search engines and generate more visitors.

Even if you aren’t doing any online marketing, your prospective clients and customers are researching you online. They want to see certain things, such as a nice mobile responsive website, a project portfolio, and reviews and testimonials.

Soliciting Google Reviews from your clients, customers, and colleagues doesn’t take much time, but will benefit your web presence and your business for years.

Today, I recorded a quick screencast video (about 10 minutes running time) where I walk through exactly how you can get more Google reviews for your business.

In the video, I reference two of our blog posts that will guide you through setting up a Google My Business Profile:

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How important are reviews for contractors?

So, what is out there on the Internet for your prospective clients to see? Do you have good, positive reviews on the web that help to build rapport with your market?

Here’s a complete look at the stats behind online reviews. Let’s take a look to get an idea of what reviews can actually mean for your business.


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Reviews don’t just work as a source of 4 and 5 star ratings. People also take note of how a company handles a bad review. The chances of customers getting in touch with a company who offers helpful solutions to a problem rather than deleting the review or ignoring it are much higher than otherwise.

Apart from just reflecting good business practices of your company, a review also provides a stream of relevant and updated content that can help your website’s SEO strength. Local reviews for contracting companies are especially important as they reflect the thoughts of their core customer base.

So as you can see, online reviews are pretty important in the development of your construction business. They give you insights as to what people are thinking about your brand right now, which is something that will be critical in the long run.

Diversify your review across the platforms

To help you, we’ve put together some resources to teach you how to get more reviews on different platforms like your website, Houzz, Yelp, and Facebook.

The best part about this is that getting high quality reviews doesn’t cost you any money. It takes a little bit of time and follow up, but your efforts today will pay dividends for your business for years.

How to Get More Google Reviews (and why they’re so important)

How to Get More Houzz Reviews

How to Get More Positive Yelp Reviews

How to Get More Facebook Reviews


Contact us and we can hook you up with our review generation program or simply give you free advice how you can improve  get more reviews.

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